Monday, December 24, 2018

True beauty is simply true beauty with no strings attached

What or who is “True beauty” according to me? If you ask me, it’s really complicated to even say. I can’t actually tell or define who is real beauty. That's why I am sharing a pressing concern that affects the media almost every day. You may learn who is true beauty eventually but don't put trust on me blindly. Figure it out on your own after reading my article. 

Yesterday how many she was molested/raped/gang raped, today how many she is molested/raped/gang raped,, tomorrow how many she will be molested/raped/gang raped? Why do you think there’s not a perfect solution to this misery that seems to be running for an eternity? I am in my late 20’s. Should I consider myself lucky that I have never been molested nor raped by some twisted boys or men born out of a whore? Honestly, this may be unbelievable to hear or a little awkward but this is the truth. I do have some wicked male cousins who are abominable to the core who look at their cousin sisters in a lustful manner. And this is not a joke. It’s the reality. I was also eve-teased by some men outside my college once. Though it may be an imagination because nobody believes it. Here's the thing. Decent men are decent no matter what the society says. Indecent men are indecent no matter how much effort the society tries to hide. The same thing goes for women folk. Once I was at the hospital for a check up, a male doctor in Valasaravakkam, Chennai was looking at my breast, I got very angry and the height of craziness was I wore a modest clothing, a churidhar. So what makes these men in decent professions look at a woman who wears modest clothing in the wrong way? She is not like most film heroines, who is wearing a bikini in dream songs nor a prostitute? So why most men are like this?

Now let me come straight to the point. What is true beauty according to me? Since I haven’t really discovered anyone that fits in this category, let me ask you all simple questions and freshen up your mind and heart, a reprogram may be? Put yourselves in the shoes of a man, if possible. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to.
  • Have you ever seen women who dresses to impress men? Have you? Did she tell you? May be she is trying to impress herself? Does these women are whores according to you? What’s so wrong in their actions?
  • Have you ever seen women who wear short clothes and walks like I am a barbie girl in this ultra modern world, I outrage my modesty, that’s simply super fantastic. Have you seen such women? Does these women are whores according to you? What’s so wrong in their actions?
  • Have you ever seen women who wear thick makeup and lipstick to hide their imperfections or to enhance their look some more? May be she is insecure about how others would perceive her and may label her as ugly? Does these women are whores according to you? What’s so wrong in their actions?
  • Have you ever seen women who flirts with a man casually not always their partner? What’s not right in flirting? May be they flirt with just a handful of men or they nitpick? Does these women are whores according to you? What’s so wrong in her actions?
  • Have you ever seen women who steal others husband or husbands? May be there must exist some flaw in their wife or wives? Does these women are whores according to you? What’s so wrong in their actions?
  • Have you ever seen women who get jealous upon seeing other women succeed? May be it is a healthy kind of jealousy not they are evil or anything?  Does these women are whores according to you?What’s so wrong in their actions?
  • Have you ever seen women who gossip about another? Yeah, we all like gossiping. But she and her gang, a little too much. Does these women are whores according to you? What’s so wrong in their actions?
  • Have you ever seen women who publicly show their affection to their boyfriend or partner? Haven’t you really watched it? It’s quiet a sight, isn’t it? Does these women are whores according to you? What’s so wrong in their actions?
  • Have you ever seen women bullying other women? May be they don’t mean it. They are trying to make the other person in question strong to become them. Does these women are whores according to you? What’s so wrong in their actions?
  • Have you ever seen women who abuse another? Have you seen? May be the other person must have done something wrong. Does these women are whores according to you?What’s so wrong in their actions?
  • Have you ever seen woman who stalk/hack for some perverse pleasure? Did I say ‘stalking’? May be it’s just for fun. Does these women are whores according to you?What’s so wrong in her actions?
  • Have you ever seen women who have a don’t care attitude and spoil lives by putting the blame on another for provoking them to act this way? May be they are right. Does these women are whores according to you? What’s so wrong in their actions?
  • Have you ever seen women gloat on another? Is it something not to be said, ‘aloud’? May be they are righteous. We don’t know her story. Does these women are whores according to you? What’s so wrong in her actions?
  • Have you ever seen women who plot to defeat other women? Is it evil? May be the other woman are criminals. Does these women are whores according to you? What’s so wrong in their actions?
  • Have you ever seen women who uses other women like play toys? May be they are genuine. Does these women are whores according to you? What’s so wrong in their actions?
Should I continue? A WHORE according to you is a “who?” Women in men's shoes????

She may be a daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, sister-in-law, aunt, mother, mother-in-law, grandma, fr-enemy, colleague, stranger.

The newspapers says she was gang raped. Does it say, what triggered the men to rape her? Is the woman rich, modern and literate or vice versa? Does the men poor, traditional and illiterate or vice versa? How many percentage of men in India involving in heinous crimes such as rape, gang rape, acid attack, murder are literate and rich? 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90% and 100%. Tick it.

I read a news article by a UK student named Pandey who went to Tihar jail to interview 100 rapists. She was shocked to hear about one man who raped a 5 year old. When he was asked why he raped a small girl, he said, she provoked him to rape her. Can you believe this man? A 5 year old, innocent girl provoked him to rape her? The more shocking part is yet to come. The man told her when he comes out of the jail, he will marry her. Are you interested in learning more shocking news about this? This girl is born to beggar parents. The man is in his early 20’s worked as a temple sweeper. The parents are not even aware that this man has been caught by the police and was serving in jail.

What are the major problems in India that prevents woman called and referred as a true beauty?I want to be a detailed and thorough person. I will make an attempt to be gentle as much as possible. Please read the last para on 'True beauty' if you are impatient. 

 Beggars don’t have a proper house to live, food to eat and so on. Remember the incident where a disabled beggar raped a woman in Kerala? Not sure though. So who is so pathetic, the raped and brutally murdered educated woman or the assailant, the disabled man? How desperate, he must be to rape her that he did not mind his disability and used force on her?
 Free education is not given to poor people’s children. Politicians say “We can’t ask money from the rich people.That’s a mortal sin. We are not beggars. So please don’t ask us to lower our standards. Let the rich give money out of their own will if they respect their nation and their fellow citizens. We are people with pure intentions.”
Sex education is not given priority. Teenage girls and boys say “I get attracted when I see a good looking boy or girl. I feel smitten by their good looks and charms. I can’t resist myself talking to him or her. If a girl or boy is smart, I can’t help falling in love with him or her”. Then their purpose is lost and they try to discover their sexuality dangerously. Girls and boys, either go for good looks or for smart people. With the girl it is very obvious that she may get pregnant in the process while the boy escapes. In the aftermath, the girl is considered as a disgrace in the society and gets all the wrath.Her life is not fully spoiled but spoiled. “What did her parents teach?”the society asks. What can the girls parents do if both are working, how can they take care of their children who have grown above their shoulders? Will the society understand? Teachers have to take responsibility for my girl or boy, all parents believe school plays a vital role in their children’s life. So sex education must be given top priority.
Moral education is not given priority. The rapists mentality is this. “I don’t have moral principles and I am not born in such a decent family neither I had good education. So will you please don’t ask me why I raped or had a gangbang with the woman or the young girl?”. Not only rape, when a girl or woman doesn’t submit to their wishes, they throw acid, torture her, etc. Students and teachers, both have to be taught moral education. How to teach students morally is the first education that a teacher should learn in his or her life.
 Women’s safety is not given priority. Think. As Indian men top the list in raping and gang raping women with their mastery (how many women can you count, have gang raped men?), are desperate to rape even a 28 days old (is this baby a whore to the saint of a rapist?), rape their own mother, rape a grandma aged 90 years old, is it time to separate women and men ? I mean this would save the trouble right? Separate transport for both women and men? No need to get angry if a man touches a woman or girls in the bus? Also separate schools for both girls and boys? How many percentage of rape would reduce if we follow this method? Put all the eggs in different basket? How does this sound? Girls and boys go to schools and colleges to fall in love or find love? Parents can be relieved of their worries too this way.
Movies and soap operas contains violent and obscene content. They make it for the sake of getting more viewers and getting their undivided attention to earn profits. Women are shown in bad light more than men. Have you ever heard about item boys? I have heard a lot about item girls but why does a man not referred as one almost all the time? How much heroines with dignity wearing short clothes earn in their movies by dancing and faking singing? More than heroes? Is it? Which world are you living in? Women are item girls no matter what.
Prostitution centers. For every female prostitutes, how many male prostitutes are there? So I know men who go to female prostitutes. Seriously, not met them but know there are such people. Can you count the number of men who are gigolos, I mean male prostitutes? Does men wear makeup and lipstick, interested in gold, platinum and diamond, blah, blah, blah. Men are interested more in sex because they are not restricted while women are restricted a great deal of time and considered as submissive since our ancestors days. No matter what, a woman is a weak gender vulnerable as they carry babies in their body and their body is designed in such a way, it is for giving birth. Their menstruation is a symbol that reminds them, as long as they menstruate, they can procreate. They have to take care of their babies and raise them well. A husband has to always support her. Men are dominating the society be it politics, movies, work place, religion, etc. They show their power more in sick activities such as trafficking young girls and women. Again I will put the blame on education system which doesn't include why prostitution exist in India.
Traffic jams and traffic jams. Think about the numerous accidents. Should everyone have to work on the same day compulsorily? Alternative days for IT, BPO, KPO, etc. Should schools and colleges have to run on the same day? Can something be done about this? Isn’t it time we give holiday to people to sit on their houses and enjoy themselves within their family and friends not be a party animal?
 Unemployment problem- There’s no good or right education. So no comments. I think that delegation of work to many is the only solution if the employers and people in position want to accumulate lot of wealth. If their goal is not earning money for them and their children, more jobs need to be created. All I am saying is workload must be reduced. Health of the employees also wouldn’t be spoiled. Men and women who work hard may be able to relax finally.
Junk foods, cigars, drugs and plastics- Why do we need it? Are we downright pathetic people who spoil our own life and that of our future children? Are we so pathetic that we kill innocent animals such as fishes, prawns, lobsters, hens, goats, pigs, cows, etc? Are we criminals or what for harming ourselves and making harm to other lives? Look at a butcher. He cuts the animals he killed like a master. How does he feel? Can he be labeled as murderer? Look at a doctor. He or She also is involved in such activity by opening up a person by surgical incisions but they do it to cure them. They save lives while the butcher kills innocents lives. We can’t guarantee a doctor is genuine or not because he or she may be interested in earning money more so he or she has the ability to kill the person if need be and hide the crime too.  Side effects of medicine is plenty and why do we have to lead a unhealthy life by eating drugs and wasting money on it?  

My viewpoint of true beauty today is the one below but as I always change my mind , my perspectives one day may change. I just want to conclude , all woman can be true beauties. It is pathetic if a woman looks at other woman to get inspiration. She just learns the lessons if she is a good student and forms her own style.  It's that simple. So here it goes, my POV.

"True beauty is when a woman does not wear beauty, power, money as a crown or weapon to seduce men . True beauty lies in women simply being them. A good woman is someone who takes care of her children that is born out of her womb (see why nature make women give birth to children, their job is only to give birth and raise their babies) and takes good care of her family’s needs. The mantra of womenfolk should be “ I am a humble woman, my husband should view me as his treasure not as someone who burdens him and my daughters should inherit the good values from me” . The mantra of menfolk should be “I am a man, my woman should not fear me rather respect and my sons should take me as an example and one day be a good partner to his wife just so I am”. This is true beauty. Please comment below. If you have any other opinion, please don’t spam to change my viewpoint. About the ‘whore’ part, as if I care".

I believe every woman has TRUE BEAUTY within her in all the roles she plays. For over 18 years across 650 plus salons across the country, Naturals has been helping the Beautiful Indian Woman get more Beautiful.
Today Naturals Salutes the Beautiful Indian Woman.

Presenting Naturals TRUE BEAUTY… 

Friday, December 14, 2018

Parachute Advanced Creme oil : Blend of nourishing coconut oil and light coconut milk

Quantity : 150 ml
Price : Rs.120
Marketed by : Marico Limited

What does the product promise?

Super quick absorption
Light velvety texture
Pleasing fragrance

Three steps for super nourished,  beautiful hair 

1) Pump out 4-5 times for medium length hair. Apply like oil, start with scalp and then apply through the length.
2) Leave it for 30 minutes. You can even leave as long as you like.
3) Wash it off with shampoo.

My review 

My hair type is short, straight and dry. For me, 4-5 pumps of cream is more than enough. On instant impression upon seeing the cream , it looked like hair conditioner or lotion to me not like cream oil. I took a small portion using both my hands. Then gently went on to apply on scalps and later, the hair.  

The fragrance is indeed pleasing, smells good but too strong for my taste. I really hate heavy fragrances yet gave this a chance. After applying, I left my hair to dry for about 15 minutes. Above is the clicked picture from my mobile. This product has just been introduced in the market so it takes some time to judge its quality by the wide public. 

Quantity vise, the price of the product is worthy of our money. On the contrary, people who have been using oil before shampooing may be unwilling to change due to making a comparison by taking into consideration the following : Price, quality (natural or chemical in particular) and also the volume.   

Disclaimer This is a sample product received in exchange for an honest feedback. 

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Consumers, the real kings

Law of diminishing marginal utility states a simple phenomenon which is a consumer when he/she keeps on consuming a particular product say apple, the utility of the product goes on diminishing. How many apples you and I can eat. If we are hungry, we can eat three to four apples and satisfy our hunger.We eat more as long as our stomach is not full. After a certain point of time, we are no longer able to consume it. This principle is known to the world as Law of diminishing marginal utility.

The law has three basic facts

  • All wants of a man/woman cannot be satisfied but a single want or set of wants can be very well satisfied.
  • Different products are not preferable. They are not perfectly substitutable for the existing product.
  • Given the consumer’s wealth, marginal utility of money of the consumer is constant, i.e., it remains the same.
Strenuously, all wants of a consumer can be satisfied. If a product, a consumer is searching for is available only in a foreign country, it delays the arrival of the product even more. After the arrival of the product, the consumer may feel, it doesn’t satisfy his want or get satisfaction from a want for he may not require it anymore.

Another thing is, if a consumer uses a particular product for a long time, it is much harder to change his mind when a new and innovative product with best feature arrives. It may also be true, the product in spotlight may not suit the needs of the buyer. So he/she will rarely test the waters before jumping in.

A consumer buys what she/he wants. Though he may be interested in buying unwanted things to the household, she/he will always try to manage his or her money. The consumer is protective about his money, so he or she will try to make a habit of creating budgets. This case is an exception in few cases.

Consumers are the kings, not the companies. All industries whether small or big must produce, import or export goods according to the tastes and preferences of the consumer. If they do not, they are at a heavy loss. These days fashionable, attractive products sell more than unfashionable products. Companies must give the opportunity solely to its employees to determine what makes happy consumers and how to create products and services to please them.

All wants of human cannot be satisfied by a single company. They should keep this in mind, and sell goods even if it means the sale is not up to the mark.

Consumers become loyal customers when they are attracted to the services of the concern. If they don’t, they will never think twice visiting the same concern again.

That’s why a concern has the responsibility to make their first impression, the best impression otherwise, consumers will go to their competitors doubting their capability and worth.

Consumers have so many choices to choose from while the company whether multinational or national or petty shops directly depends on them for everything especially their want of money for a living.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Fristo handbags ~ A boon to all womenfolk

For many days, I was thinking about buying a handbag that’s worth every penny. No need to say anything new about why I needed it. As we all know, women’s best companions are handbags and agree or not, I am a woman. The reason why I wanted to replace with a new one is that my old handbag is very small and it did do some good as long as it was with me but wasn’t enough. The thing is, for the past few weeks there has been a heavy rise in necessity to travel long distance. It’s been a very hectic affair.

Seems to me for this whole year, travelling will become a part of my life and I can’t blame. I have to get used to it. So I was searching for a handbag to carry everything from pen to water bottle. After weighing the pros and cons, moreover, satisfied with the price, quality and color of the handbag, I selected the below one without having second thoughts getting the better of me.

A little confession. I read the reviews of this product on e-commerce sites. Truly that didn’t affect or motivate me from buying. The choice was absolutely mine. I just wanted to test whether this handbag is made for me for it captured my eye on the first glance and I was impressed with the size and the color too. I also had another option that is to return this product immediately if it didn’t live up to my expectation.

So here am I to tell you the tale of my love of the product as soon as I opened it. The shocking part (in a pleasant way) is that I got it for filthy cheap and it looks perfectly fine just like in the picture. I made a comparison of all the other bags of Fristo and I feel proud to have zeroed in on this one. The cost of the bag puts a smile on my face. It’s a steal not a deal.

If you are an office going woman or a college student or just travelling long hours, this is a must have. You can carry food, water bottle and everything else. It has two interior big pockets and on the front side, there is a small pocket and inside the big pocket, there is a small pocket. The handbag is trendy and stylist, pretty to look at. I have no complaints. It fulfills my every need. No doubt, it will be useful for the rest of my life.

Product details

What is the color of the product?

Dark blue and Maroon.

How many zippers?

Two big and two small.

What is the product made of?

Polyurethane leather

Are there any alternative colors of the product shown available?

Yes, there are. I would bet this is the best color so far. In future, if they make a few more, then I may change my opinion.

What are all the occasions it can be used?

This is a high quality product. You can use it for daily use and also for important occasions.

Does the product look the same when received?

Yes, more or less the same. May be, much darker than it is in the picture

What is the cost of the product?

Today, it is Rs.306. It can increase any time but may not decrease.

My verdict

Fristo Grey and Black women handbag (FRB-023)(Gray and Black)Fristo Women's Handbag (FRB-019, Purple and Beige)Fristo Women's Handbag (FRB-020, Black and Red)

If you compare with other Fristo handbags of this same design, you will know why I am giving a positive review for this one. I also like the color blue and maroon. Simple and elegant.You can arrive at a conclusion, this was the major reason for buying this product no need to repeat the value it holds. The rest of the colors are not made for me and they are much costlier though that's not part of the reasons for buying this. The quality is sure the same but there is a small or huge difference in the price and I don't like the other colors. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

PTE English Language Test is your rescuer

English is a universal language. It has only 26 letters but does this give enough reason to master this language and shine in speaking effectively? I would say no one has perfected this language. I can definitely tell, a great portion of the people whose native language is English use dictionary to find out the meaning of unknown words. How many words are there in this language? Does anyone know this? Can anyone learn it within their lifetime?

Since my childhood days, I have been amused by this language. Though I studied in a small town where I didn’t get exposure to learn this language but when my family shifted to Trichy, I was able to concentrate on this language a tid-bit.  It is a simple language not a complicated one . Let me say this.Unlike Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Oriya, etc, the letters in English are relatively very less. Children will find it pretty easy to learn this language.

PTE English test

The test duration is only 3 hours. Speaking, writing, reading and listening tests enable you to learn about yourself, particularly how much you know this language as an individual. Intelligent machines are used so no partiality in giving marks. Scores can be found in just 5 days. More than 6000 universities trust PTE scores, so it is in your hand to decide whether or not you want to do this test if you are clever it will open a platform full of opportunities. English language test has become a necessity today as companies expect the employees to be well versed in speaking and writing in this language. Just look at the number of English Medium schools in many nations. Why there is a fall in schools that teach in one's native language especially in India? I hope you get my point. 

Are you someone who wants to study or work abroad?

If yes, first ask your inner conscience why you want to? List out the reasons. How will it help you emotionally and practically? If you have answered these questions then you can be very assured to choose PTE Academy if you wish to study abroad.  They are here to achieve this goal of yours. I am fascinated with the words in English but I am still in the baby steps to get a firm grip of this language like many in this world. English is a language that needs to be explored more by me.

English medium schools and colleges have made the students learn it with utmost ease and to be honest even the teachers have not mastered this language. Then think about the state of the students.

PTE comes to the students rescue in this regard. Whether you have completed your studies and just want to work there or planning to opt for higher studies to broaden your knowledge, it is a must for you to do the test. It is valuable and it will boost your confidence.

Why learning English is mandatory?

The students who got themselves educated in English medium schools since they were young would see it as a piece of cake to attract employers than the rest. Unemployment problem in India is a great cause of concern. How do we stop it? One of the reasons why unemployment is faced by many Indians is that, they would have studied in their vernacular language schools. Thus, they find it hard to be selected by employers. Why I am saying this is, employers these days want good, pleasant and a confident personality.  Those who did their schooling in their vernacular language, find it difficult to accommodate themselves because the college books are written in English.  How will they be able to understand this language all of a sudden? While English Medium students will find it easier, these students will have to put more effort and work hard. Yes, there are plenty of students who have dared to differ. I salute to them.

PTE Academy

English is a language that many nations has learned to include in their curriculum. The test fee of PTE is just below Rs. 12000. It is reasonable. If you want to do the English test, make sure you are into it. Don’t just think about doing it for fun.

Preparation package

There are 5 packages to choose from.  They are namely

Online sample questions

Scored practice tests
Silver test preparation kit
Gold test preparation kit
Platinum test preparation kit

You can choose whichever will fulfil your need. The cost of the kit varies. Make a wise choice by determining your strengths and weaknesses.

Universities that accept PTE scores

Apart from USA, United Kingdom and Australia, other countries like Japan, Korea, Nigeria, Argentina, Queensland, Northern territory, New Zaealand,Uganda, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Norway also accept PTE scores. So you can blindly put your trust in PTE Academy and they will help you out in achieving your dream to study in one of these countries for better education and learning about other cultures. Stanford University, Harvard University, and Imperial College London are few of the many universities that accept PTE scores. You can refer their site to learn more.

PTE English Language

The test contains three parts. Your listening, writing, speaking and reading skills are tested. The alloted period is three hours. Online practice material is also available if you fear failure. The art of perfection is learning to accept nobody can do it perfectly even in the tiny little things they attempt to do.

Benefits of the test

It is a computer based test which is internationally recognised by universities and I hope that gives enough reason for you to involve yourself.Quick exam result is given so you don't have to wait for many days to find out your score. There are more than 150 test centres. You can take the test once you are ready. 

What are the challenges one has to face when thinking about studying or working abroad and how to overcome it?

English fluency
- Many Indians don’t know how to speak fluently in this language which is a true fact. They must develop their skills and widen their knowledge to speak in this language. PTE Academy helps you to achieve it. 

Communication problem-Effective communication is not guaranteed as you don’t speak their country's native language especially if it is French, German, Russian, Japananese, Chinese, Korean, etc. So learn to accept it and try to adapt yourself . As English is a universal language, many nations have learnt to speak it so you need not fret. That's why PTE scores are valuable to get an entry into these nations as the courses are in English and taught too in this language.

Visa problem- It is something that scares the hell out of people. If you are interested in moving abroad, you have to make a calculated move to avoid the mistakes that most people have made earlier.

Finding a safe place to settle abroad- Even if you have got approval to study abroad, to work there or settle there, you should find a comfortable house for you to stay. You need to do a lot of research.

Homesickness- In your home country, you may live like a king or a queen but in a totally new environment, it takes time to get used to it.

Time zone- It is irritating, isn’t it? You are away from family and loved ones. You are able to talk to them only in odd times. Though your loved ones are understanding, it may make you feel guilty for a time being. Then you will be in a mood to stay forever in the foreign city if you like its people and the surroundings.

Racist attacks- Keep yourself away from trouble. You are not a native English speaker also you may not know their country's spoken language. There may occur some differences and conflicts between you and the foreigners. So try to stay where you are and enjoy your time in this place.As a foreigner in their country, you have your limits. Do not cross the boundaries.  Be strong, sensible and flexible. Talk politely and make yourself humble no matter how well to-do family you come from.

All the best. Take the English language test if you are preparing yourself to study abroad.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Do it right

Sound financial decision

Making a right financial decision for our house is necessary as we have to deal with the day-to day expenses and the unforeseen expenses likely to occur in the future.Creativity also plays an effective role in decision making and meeting these expenses.
There are two discoveries one has to know while taking a major move with regard to finance.

1.Foundation/Base This is the initial step in sound financial decision. So, under foundation base, there are three risks.They are namely,
A)Income risk
How much you are earning?
B)Personal risk
What if you lost your job, retired, etc
C)Liquidity risk
Will you be able to convert your belongings such as TV, Fridge, cellphones into immediate cash?


An increase in the price of the goods and services is predicted.
Automatically, buyers will buy less commodities and services than they used to.
Thus, making a sound, healthy financial decision and keeping a check on it has
become inexplicably vital because the price of the goods and services will not be same as of now.
For these reasons, your home must be where your heart is, the rest is secondary.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sibling love

25 years ago
‘Shalu, where is my chemistry book? I know you took it and God knows where you have kept it. I can’t believe this.  I have my test tomorrow’.
‘It’s in the upper shelf only. If you look closer, you will find it’.
Rahul searches the upper shelf.
‘Yeah, I have got it. How many times I tell you, keep my books as it is’.
‘You study then keep your books on the floor. What shall I do? It is my responsibility to clean the whole house. I have told you many times, be responsible. You don’t give a damn’.
Shalu is the elder child of her family. Rahul is her younger sibling. As it happens in all houses, their fighting never has an ending. They fight for silly things. In many case, super silly things.
Her parents are one of the great parents in the world. But what to do if both their children’s age difference is just one year. These two always keep fighting. Shalu is studying in 12th std while Rahul is in 11th. There is one thing that is good about these two is that they are both studious. But there is no sibling love. That’s what they both thought.
Rahul now lives in Canada. He has two children named Rohan and Tara. They both are twins studying in senior high school. Shalu lives in Chennai. She has one daughter named Praneetha. She has completed her twelfth with distinction. Now she wants to study in Canada.
Shalu phoned Rahul and enquired about the best colleges. They both keep in touch nowadays. Rahul is very happy to meet his niece.
This is what happens in all the houses. Isn’t it? Siblings fight a lot when they are young. But once they grow up, they forget all about their misunderstandings and behave as if they have never fought. Life is a box of surprises.

True beauty is simply true beauty with no strings attached

What or who is “True beauty” according to me? If you ask me, it’s really complicated to even say. I can’t actually tell or define who is...